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With import and export experience for years, we launched to trade medical devices. We have learned to maximize sales capacity in a short period for 8 years. We can currently utilize every part of overseas trading, internet marketing and wholesales.

On a basis of the strong global network, our customers can get a chance to form a strong cooperation with our foreign partners and we also provide the familiar foreign goods to Korea to give more chance for domestic retail customers to buy with better price and condition.

1. Latex Surgical Gloves.
The surgical gloves are made from good quality natural latex and intended for use in surgical operation. The gloves will not contain, or liberate from, during sterilization or end use, and substances known to be harmful to the wearer or to any person with whom the gloves may come into contact.

2. Hygienic and disposable medical supplies.
Disposable medical supplies and hygienic medical supplies including gauze, absorbent cotton, sterile tissue, cotton swab used in hospital.