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2002.03  Establish SANGBO company in Daegu city.

2004.10  Make branch office in Seoul for wholesale.

2005.11  Build website http://www.fashiontrend.co.kr  for eyewear internet marketing.

2007.09  Open Optician’s shop for retail at Chilgok in Daegu city.

2009.04  Open second Optician’s shop at Sigi in Daegu city.

2010.10  Establish SANGBO corporation for expanding business area to medical products

2011.03  Open Optician’s shop at Gyesan-dong in Daegu city.

2012.03  We start lens solution internet maketing for opti free and renu.

2013.04  Bulid website lenspia.co.kr for color contact lens internet marketing

2014.04  We contacts with Voozclub for CANIMAL character licensed in 2 years.

2014.07  Establish SANGBO INNERWEAR corporation for expanding business area to innerwear products

2014.07  Bulid website jota.co.kr and canimall.co.kr and dongmulone.com for kids innerwear market.